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To provide each customer with a unique experience through our cultural banquets and authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

honesty 誠實

Hard work 努力工作


health 健康



At The Mandalay Restaurant, customers can enjoy Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong style dim sum in one of Oahu's most elegant and contemporary Chinese settings.

Located in the heart of Downtown Honolulu, the restaurant bustles with the activity of its surroundings, as people from neighboring offices and buildings meet for business lunches and casual affairs, and friends and family gather to share in conversation and to celebrate in festivities.

 back in 1973

For over 28 years, husband-and-wife team Larry and Linda Chan have been committed to serving Hawaii quality Chinese cuisine. Both born and raised in Hong Kong, the couple worked their way up from servers at a local Chinese restaurant to restauranteurs of their own venture. Presented with the opportunity to occupy the site of the historic Yong Sing building, they opened The Mandalay Restaurant in 2006 hoping to continue the building’s former glory of hosting large banquets and bringing together family and friends over food and lasting memories.

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1055 Alakea Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

Tel 808-525-8585 info@mandalayhawaii.com

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